Bottom Brackets – how they should sound and feel

We recently serviced this bike and refreshed it back to as good as new.  We always strip a bike down fully when we service it for the first time so that we know that everything has been fully checked, maintained and set up properly when you get the bike back.

These videos show you how a bottom bracket sounds when it’s worn out.  Sometimes you can feel that it’s gone before you hear it (stiff, vibrations, a courseness to your pedal stroke).

However, this is a great example of one that was well due replacing…..the technical term is “mullered” 🙂 P.S. It’s a Truvativ Power Spline bottom bracket, not a square tapered one…..oh the joy of so called “standards” in the bicycle industry! :

This is how a bottom bracket should sound….listen out for it!

Here’s the videos of the bike before and after service:


The journey to repairing the bike back to as good as new (suspension bearings next service)