About Swish

We’re a club that happens to also make cycles and kit available to its Members.

We’re a club because we want to get to know you and not just send you boxes in the post.  We’re not defined by what we make available to you.

We define ourselves by why we do it:

Cycling has become an expensive sport and hobby to be involved in.  It’s dominated by a few businesses that appear to be on a “race to the bottom”.  We think that’s a mug’s game and means the focus remains on the bottom line all the time.

We’re more interested in what makes you tick as person and as a cyclist.  We get our rewards from helping you to get the most out of your cycling, not just your cycle itself.

We’ve been running cycling businesses for over 8 years now.

It all came about when Paul’s wife told him he couldn’t have a new bike, and told him to “find another way”.  She rues the day!

We remember how difficult it can be to keep funding that desire for new bikes, and of course, justifying it to the rest of the family.

So, we’re constantly innovating new ways to make cyling and the kit associated with it more accessible and easy to justify to the rest of the family.

We see it as our purpose to keep our attention upon making it easy for you to keep focused on your cycling and enjoying it to the maximum without concerns.

Let’s face it, cyclists are better human beings, so it only makes sense that we do our bit for the human race 😉

You’ll find that we tend to steer clear of big name brands as we’ve found them to be very controlling in the past, demanding that we only promote their bikes etc etc.

We’re always looking for new niche brands to introduce you to, with two constants, superlative quality products with exemplary after-sales support.