0% Finance For 5 Years + Zero Deposit

    For a limited time, we’re offering up to 5 years 0% finance on bikes in stock at the store at Fairoaks together with no deposit. 3 years 0% finance is available on bikes below £1000. It’s now VERY affordable to pick up one of our bikes.   Call us on 0800 678 5975

Cycling Is Safely Awesome Presentation

Once again I’d like to say a huge thank you to Guy and the rest of the Wellness Committee for inviting me to give this presentation. We’ll be doing more together in the future, but we thought that you might be interested in having a copy of the presentation to go through at your leisure…. Read more »

Swish N + 1 Membership

Satisfy that new bike desire.  Keep your riding buddies wondering what bling new bike you’re going to turn up on next. New bikes are expensive.  Several bikes even more so.  It doesn’t need to be that way!   N + 1 Membership answers that old cycling joke about how many bikes you need always being… Read more »

Future Trade In Value Guarantee

Buy a bike from us, and when you come to change it in the future, we guarantee a trade in value that we’ll offer to you in order to offset against your new bike. You’ll need to ensure that the bike is fully functional and that nothing is broken on it, and we’d ask that… Read more »


Great news! If you choose us for any Accessory that is currently in stock, we’ll give you a FREE £50 VOUCHER to use on any Adult Bike Purchase. START SHOPPING


  This video explains what Silverback are all about. Once you’ve watched it you’ll see why we’re such big fans and why they fit in very well with our approach to the brands we offer: Quality Innovation Value For Money After Sales Service Rarity  

Habits Of Effective Cyclists & Drivers

This article is intended to inform. Everyone is aware of the regular conflict between cyclists and motorised vehicles that so regularly appears in the media, and our intention is not to add to the conflict, but merely to advise on the facts surrounding: • How to pass cyclists safely on the road, • The position… Read more »

Swish N+1 T&Cs

These terms and conditions have been written as far as possible without any legalese, and to keep things as straight forward as possible. If you would like us to make anything more clear, let us know and we’ll adjust them to make it so. Terms and Conditions Of N+1 Membership: Background: The over-riding goal of… Read more »