Would you like to be able to ride any bike we can offer, anytime?

If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll know that even when you get a new bike, that N+1 feeling is constantly buzzing away at the back of your head.

The major hurdle is justifying it, whether that be to yourself or to your better half.  Nevertheless, our desire to ride many different bikes remains, and those manufacturers of beautiful bikes keep putting temptation in our way!

It was precisely this sort of situation that prompted me to start a cycling business.  My wife told me I couldn’t have a new bike and to “find another way”.

She should have known better……she already knew that I was a “professional problem solver” for multiple industries…….she’d just omit the word “solver” in that sentence 🙂

So, I cracked on and solved my problem by offering lots of demo bikes to my customers as well as lots of innovative ways to ride them.

That brings me onto the purpose of this post.

My next project is to find the ultimate way to make it easy to ride that “new bike” whenever you want it, to make any type of bike available so you’re not limited to one style of riding, and to do away with the often crushing costs associated with buying good quality bikes nowadays.

Basically, we all find ourselves in a situation where things are getting more expensive, our wages and disposable income are not keeping up, and critically, our favourite hobby is offering even more beautiful and desirable products but with significant price tags attached.

I’ve been pondering this problem for some time now (my wife keeps asking me where I’ve zoned out to!) and I think I’ve put together a solution, in partnership with all of my fellow cyclists out there:

  1. Make bikes available for you to use as your own over a period of up to 2 years
  2. Swap and change to a different bike whenever you want
  3. Pay for it using monthly membership payments
  4. The monthly membership payments will be tiered to reflect the value of the bike, so you’ll be able to swap between bikes of a similar value, or boost up your membership level
  5. Membership will be further categorised into Patrons and Contributors
  6. Patrons are Members who take bikes to ride
  7. Contributors are Members who take bikes to ride AND make their own surplus bikes available to other Members for them to ride.  Let me explain:
  8. Many of us have more than one bike.  Sometimes that’s because we do multiple styles of riding e.g. Road and Tri, Road and MTB.  Sometimes, it’s merely because we cannot let our older bikes go, and we like collecting them.
  9. To reward contributors, a significant Membership discount will be offered if they make their bikes available to other Members to use
  10. We shall insure them fully for loss and damage
  11. We also have a solution for servicing the bikes
  12. VERY IMPORTANTLY, if during your Membership, you find a bike that you fall in love with and you simply have got to own it, then you can use all your Membership payments from the year to help pay for it!
  13. All the brands we offer would be available
  14. Automatic membership discounts would be available on components and accessories
  15. There’d be a wealth of other benefits to being a Member as well that we would constantly develop

(If you’d like to find out more please follow the link at the end of the page)

So what are the tiers of Bike Value within the Membership?

Currently there are 6, although more might be needed to cover eMTBs

Membership Level 1 = £2,000 Membership Level 3 = £3,000 Membership Level 5 = £4,500
Membership Level 2 =£2,500 Membership Level 4 = £3,750 Membership Level 6 = £5,250

Membership Costs Guide:

There will need to be a one off Membership payment when you begin.  This covers insurance and other set up and logistical costs, and demonstrates your commitment to other Members:







Monthly Membership



Monthly Membership


£2,000 £299.99  £86.99 £44.99
£2,500 £349.99  109.99 £67.99
£3,000 £399.99 £129.99 £89.99
£3,750 £449.99 £162.50 £109.99
£4,500 £499.99 £194.99 £129.99
£5,250 £549.99 £229.99 £179.99

* The discount amount presumes that a bike of equivalent value is made available to other Members. Typically these bikes would need to be less than 3 years old, although rare and more exclusive bikes would likely be an exception.

If you’d like to find out more, or would like to pre-register to be involved in this new project, please follow this link and leave your details