Swish N + 1 Membership

Satisfy that new bike desire.  Keep your riding buddies wondering what bling new bike you’re going to turn up on next.

New bikes are expensive.  Several bikes even more so.  It doesn’t need to be that way!


N + 1 Membership answers that old cycling joke about how many bikes you need always being N+1, where N is the number of bikes you currently have, whilst keeping firmly aware from the other “S-1” equation, where S is the number of bikes that would lead to a separation!

Ride any type of bike you want when you want/need to.

With Membership starting at just £5 per week for any £800 bike, it makes a lot of financial sense and avoids you having to explain why you have yet ANOTHER new bike.

Should you find the perfect bike during your Membership, you can even put your Membership fees towards that bike as well during the first 12 months.

We’ve several Membership levels.  To make this work for both of us, we’ve designed the Memberships on a sliding scale of payments.

Each has an initial payment, followed by a weekly payment for around 15 weeks, followed by a reduced ongoing payment until you end your Membership.

We ask Members to commit for 24 months, however, if your circumstances change or you find Membership simply doesn’t work for you any more, you can end it and hand the bike back.

Easy, risk free, community-based.

Call us on 0800 678 5975 if you’d like to find out more.

All of our Membership Options can be found here


  • You can change your mind and use your Membership to buy one of the bikes if you want, within the first 12 months
  • You can swap and change as often as you like: you could ride a road bike one week, a mountain another, an eBike another, it’s up to you
  • We can help you set up the bike with any bike fit measurements you have so that it’s ideal for you from the get go
  • Change your mind?  Just cancel your Membership and hand the bike back.
  • We’ll take care of servicing the bikes
  • We’ll get the bikes to you, you just need to take care of getting them back to us
  • It’s a community cycling plan.  If we all cooperate together, we all get to ride the bikes we’ve always dreamed of riding