Swish N+1 Plan 5500

From: £20.00 / week for 15 weeks and a £450.00 sign-up fee


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  • Swish N+1 5500 Ongoing Membership Payments

Model Year

Initial Payment Options

£750 As A Lump Sum, £450 Then 15 Weeks @ £20

Swish N+1 Plan 5500


So many bikes, so little time……and they’re only getting more expensive……and possibly a little difficult to justify getting more.

N + 1 is becoming an increasingly difficult equation…..BUT……we have a solution right here!

Become a Swish N+1 Member and simply choose the value of bikes you’d like to ride, whenever you want.

  • This Membership Level gives you access to bikes worth up to £5,500.
  • Have whatever bike you want, pretty much when you want it, PLUS any type and have many brands to choose from.
  • It’s up to you: whether you want to ride lots of different brands, or ride road bikes one week and mountain bikes another and even triathlon or gravel bikes another week.
  • Never be without a bike and enjoy the latest and best on offer.

What You Are Buying:

  • When you add this product into your basket, you are setting up the initial payments for this level of Membership.
  • At the same time, the ongoing Membership fees are added to your basket.
  • The payments commence weekly once the intial payment is taken.
  • If you selected to spread the initial payments out over 15 weeks, then these payments will also be taken at the same time.
  • This will make your ongoing payments £72.50 for 15 weeks and then will reduce to £52.50 per week.

Call us on 0800 678 5975 for details

Choose what value of bike you’d like to enjoy riding: £800 bikes to £5,500 bikes.

  • We have N+1 Membership levels available for bikes valued at £800, £1,000, £1,500, £2,500, £3,500, £5,500.
  • There’s a manageable initial payment to make and then there’s a small ongoing weekly Membership charge from just £5 to £52.50.
  • Each level gives you a lot of choice, but the higher the value, the better the specification and the prestige of the brands on offer.
  • If you try lots of bikes and find one that you adore and you want to keep it, we can even accommodate that too!
  • It’s a seriously flexible option that should keep any non-cycling partners happy as well as you.

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