Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium


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Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium

The Speedplay Nanogram Zero

The Nanogram is a pull-out-the-stops no-holds-barred race-tuned-to-the-max bleeding-edge-performance pedal system. The Nanogram was conceived and engineered as a race-day-only pedal system. However it is equally well-qualified to satisfy the most discerning connoisseurs of cycling components who demand the absolute best racing equipment.

  • The Nanogram Zero shares the same race-proven tried-and-true technical benefits of Speedplay’s lightweight Zero pedals but has been completely re-engineered for weight reduction and totally hot-rodded to maximize performance. We pushed the envelope of pedal design by using the most exotic materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes. It is Zero DNA just made lighter and faster.
  • At only 65 grams each (130 grams per pair) Nanogram pedals are astonishingly light in weight. Additionally the cleats weigh only 88.5 grams per pair*. In fact Nanogram Zeros are 20% lighter than Speedplay’s lightweight champion of the professional racing peloton theZero Titanium.

How is it possible to take this much weight off an already light pedal system? Here’s how we did it:

We have never been forced to push the limits of the Zero design to make it light weight because the Zero is inherently light weight by virtue of its simple unique design. Thus Speedplay has always been ahead of other pedal designs without having to compromise on quality performance or safety in the quest for weight reduction. The Nanogram is made to the same high quality and exacting standards as all Speedplay pedal systems including all metal-to-metal locking edges and precision bearings.

The Nanogram Zero pedals use exotic materials

The Nanogram pedal bodies are made of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic. Instead of the standard two cartridge bearings and one needle bearing found in each Zero pedal each Nanogram pedal uses one ceramic bearing one cartridge bearing and one needle bearing. The fasteners and stainless steel bowties have been replaced with alloy and titanium. The wrench flats have been removed from our standard titanium spindle design and instead we use a 6mm hex in the end of the Nanogram spindle.

The Nanogram Zero cleats have been lightened by 29.5 grams per pair by using carbon fiber.

By using carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic in addition to alloy fasteners the weight of the cleats is reduced to 88.5 grams per pair*.

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