Speedplay 12020 Frog Chromoly


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Speedplay 12020 Frog Chromoly

Not just a great off-road pedal systemSpeedplay Frog pedals are ideal for road riders who prefer a recessedwalkable cleat. Like their amphibious namesakeFrog pedals are equally at home in dry or muddy terrain. Their unique cleats are virtually immune to clogging with mud or dirtbecause debris is pushed out whenever you engage the pedal. This simple mechanism also puts an end to those infuriating falls caused by gunked-up pedals that won’t release. You get out when you want toand never when you don’t. Of courseyou also get all the advantages of Speedplay’s other innovative designs: knee-friendlynon-centering free float; lightning-fast entry and exit; and phenomenal light weight. Whether you ride a mountain bikeroad biketandem or ‘cross bikethe Speedplay Frog can do it all. It has an extremely light-walkable cleat system made even lighter with titanium spindles.

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