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Service Plan

It’s a fine balance isn’t it: keeping your bike in fine-fettle without creaking and clunking noises, and operating properly, whilst being concious of the cost of replacement parts and servicing, and the fact that regular maintenance will make things last longer.

This will help:

  • Spread the costs out

  • Get your bike serviced as many times as you choose

  • Option to include all the main components that often need replacing (see “Parts Pack” details below)

  • Any additional components that need replacing will be charged separately, and ONLY after gaining your authorisation.

  • Option of collection of your bike from your home or work and have it dropped back there.

You simply need to choose whether you want your bike serviced, once, twice or three times during the year.

I’ll get your bike back to as new condition as possible; often better than new!  My customers love the detailed assessment and update videos that they receive, along with the reassurance of knowing that their bike has been stripped back down to the frame and rebuilt: they know that their bike comes back to them better than new functionally, and backed up by a 6 month warranty!

If the cost of servicing comes to mind, then maybe consider that you likely reach speeds in excess of 40mph on a descent. I’m sure you’d like to feel confident that your bike is not going to let you down on a fast bend.  I don’t cut corners so that you can ‘rail’ those corners!

So what’s involved in the service package?

  • I’ll clean your bike completely* and get it looking like a shiny bling thing (matt bling thing if you’ve got matt paint).
  • Cables replaced
  • Transmission components removed, cleaned, checked and replaced as necessary
  • Transmission components all reassembled, indexed and tuned
  • Transmission bolts tightened to correct torque setting
  • Brakes checked, balanced and tuned: – brake fluid and lever reach checked, bite point checked and adjusted, pad contact points checked and adjusted.
  • Brake bolts tightened to correct torque setting
  • Wheels checked
  • Forks removed and headset checked for corrosion, smooth operation and play
  • Crankset removed and degreased
  • Bottom bracket is usually replaced annually to ensure that you get another 12 months of trouble free cycling
  • Crankset re-fitted
  • Chainring bolts tightened to correct torque setting
  • Stem bolts tightened to correct torque setting
  • Seatpost height recorded, seatpost removed and anti-seize/carbon paste applied if necessary
  • Handlebar controls checked for operation and positioning and bolts tightened to correct torque setting
  • If you’ve a road bike, I’ll attempt to salvage your bar tape, but often I need to replace cable outers, which requires removing the bar tape. If new bar tape is needed as a consequence I’ll re-wrap your bars for you with a bar tape of your choice if you purchase it from me
  • Hubs checked for play and evidence of corrosion.  Authorisation sought prior to any additional work commencing
  • Chain lubricated
  • Tyres checked for tears, cuts and perishing. If tyres and tubes require replacing I can source and fit new ones for you.

Hardtail mountain bikes will also have their fork seals checked and Full Suspension Mountain bikes will have their bearings and bushes checked.
As you can see, it’s a very comprehensive service and will make your bike feel all Swish again.

*Please Note that there is a £25 surcharge for cleaning the bike if it is brought in heavily soiled


Bottom Bracket – square tapered sealed bearings type (additional charge for other types e.g. BSA, BB86/92, etc)

Cables (Inners, outers, ferrules, end caps) – additional charge for Campagnolo cables

Chain – based upon 8 speed chain (additional charge for 9,10,11, 12 or 13 speed chains)


If you Go Service Plan, with this item you could get ... (we’re only saying!)