Ride A Frog Membership For Kids – Available Now!

From: £2.99 / week and a £59.99 sign-up fee


Membership Level (Bike Values)

Level 1 (Balance Bikes), Level 2 (Balance + First Pedal Bikes), Level 3 (Hybrids Only ), Level 4 (Hybrids + Road Bikes), Level 5 (Hybrids + Track Track Bikes), Level 6 (Hybrid, Road, Track + MTBs)

Ride A Frog Membership For Kids - Available Now!

Reinventing the way Kids ride bikes!

  • Always the right bike, perfectly sized,

  • experience riding any style,

  • FREE bike set up,

  • no need to servicing it,

  • never worry about it losing value,

  • always have a bike that keeps up with your growing kids


T&Cs and further detail below.  If you like this, please send an expression of interest to us: paul@swishcycles.co.uk



The sign up fee is a refundable deposit for the Ride Any Bike Membership.

As you can probably imagine, it is difficult for us to simply send bikes out without some form of security.

These funds are held in a separate account for you so that they are always available to be refunded to you should you decide to cancel your Membership.

You will receive the deposit back within 30 days of you cancelling your Membership** AND us receiving back the bike that you have been using.

We shall need to check over the bike and ensure that everything is as it should be (to the specification that the bike was in when we sent it to you etc) and no substantial damage to it.

Light cosmetic damage is ignored, however, heavy or significant visual damage will need to be repaired.  The costs of doing this (painting/retouching up or repairing/replacing components) is deducted from your deposit at the same rate as it costs us.  We do not profit from it.

Bare in mind that the bikes are insured.  If the costs of resolving the issues is significantly more than the excess then it’s likely we’ll get the work done under our insurance policy so you will only have the excess to pay.

Also, we shall regularly exchange your bike for you with a newer one, so the amount of damage or wear and tear is unlikely to be significant.

Terms and Conditions & Further Details:


You will need to sign the Ride Any Bike Membership agreement to access the bikes as well as keep up all payments due

The agreement is automatically sent to you to sign when you purchase the Membership

The bikes remain our property at all times, we lend them to you under this Membership without any rights of title passing to you

It is important that we stay in regular communication so that we can find out what is working for you, what we need to improve, how you are enjoying the bike, and what you might like to ride in the future

Membership Duration:

There is no minimum Membership term, although we’ve designed this Membership in anticipation of you joining long term

**Please note that consequently, the deposit only becomes refundable after a minimum Membership period of 6 months has passed

Please only consider becoming a Member if you anticipate joining for at least 12 months or more

Additional Benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts on accessories
  • Able to purchase bikes with 50% off
  • Exclusive invites to events
  • Ability to customise a bike build
  • Exclusive offers from our suppliers
  • Free samples from our suppliers

Changing Bikes:

You can change your bike whenever you wish

We ask that you give us some notice (preferably a few weeks or more) so that we can contact suppliers to ensure stock is set aside for you

You can ask for custom built (in terms of components, not frame manufacturing) bikes

We have a great agreement with a quality courier company to collect and deliver your bikes

You will need to pay the courier costs as well as the Membership fees whenever you change your bike

We make all courier arrangements for you

Bikes can be swapped out at your home or work address

Bikes cannot be left in a designated safe place as they will need to be signed for

You are able to keep one bike at a time.  We endeavour to ensure you always have a bike by swapping one bike out for another

All bikes must be returned to us fully cleaned without dirt anywhere.  We can clean the bike for you, but we shall charge £25 to do so and this will be deducted from your deposit

All bikes will be sent to you in a quality box or bike bag.  You will need to utilise this to send the bike back to us, so keep it in a safe and sound for future use

Servicing & Repairing Bikes:

We cover all labour for servicing the bikes.  Wherever possible we shall also cover the cost of serviceable components such as chains, but you may be charged for replacing bearings, torn tyres, or excessively damaged components

Please attempt to keep the bike you have use of in excellent condition, without applying invistape or other coating to the frame without our consent etc

Please also report any damage to us promptly so that we can find a solution together

Component repairs are completed at cost and not retail for Members.  Frame repairs will either be covered by insurance (with you remaining responsible for paying the excess) or by our frame repair partners who will invoice you directly at our cost

Please always have consideration for the next person who may wish to make use of the bike you are currently using in the future

If you receive faulty goods tell us immediately so that we can get it resolved for you and we’ll always endeavour to have a replacement available to you whilst it’s being fixed


If the bike is stolen whilst it’s in your possession then we shall require a police crime number from you together with an explanation of what happened

If our insurers refuse any claim we make, any out of pocket costs we incur will be taken from the deposit

We shall insure the bikes for all risks as part of the Membership, but you will always remain responsible for them whilst they are in your possession.  Please ensure the proper use of Gold standard locks when leaving the bike unattended


You can cancel your Membership at any time by giving us 1 calendar month’s notice

If you cancel the Membership you will need to return the bike to us within 7 days.  We shall arrange the courier service for collection, but you will be invoiced for the cost of returning it, as per the normal Membership conditions

If your Membership is less than 6 months old, your Deposit will be refunded to you once 6 months + 30 days has passed from your original Membership start date

Missed Payments:

If you miss a payment we’ll remind you and require a catch up payment within 7 days

If you miss 2 payments we reserve the right to request the return of our property within 7 days until you have paid these missing payments

Further missed payments may result in us cancelling your Membership without recourse and without prejudicing our ongoing ownership of the bike(s)

Please ensure that you continue communicating with us if you find yourself in financial difficulty as we may be able to find a solution together

Purchasing A Bike You’ve Used:

If you find you wish to purchase any of the bikes you’ve ridden, you can do so:

If you wish to continue your Membership and purchase a bike, you can do so for 50% off the RRP

If you wish to cancel your Membership and purchase a bike, the deposit and the monthly payments made within the last 12 months can be used as a contribution to make the purchase against the full RRP of the bike

Included and excluded bikes:

This plan is explicitly designed for Kids bikes that fall into the following categories:

  • Balance Bikes
  • First Pedal Bikes (singlespeeds)
  • Hybrid Bikes (geared)
  • Road Bikes
  • Track Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes

Brands Available:

We aim to make every bike and brand on our site available to our Members.  You may need to bare with us whilst we add new brands, but we shall always endeavour to bring you what you want

Upgrading or Downgrading:

You can adjust your Membership level at any time up or down

If you upgrade, you will need to increase your associated deposit amount and Membership payments

If you downgrade your original deposit amount will remain with us until your higher level bike is returned to us  and you’ve received your replacement bike.  We’ll refund you the difference in the deposit due once you’ve remained at your new Membership level for 3 consecutive months.  Your associated Membership payments will reduce immediately upon us receiving your bike at the higher level.

International Members:

We welcome international Members from any country

International Members are required to pay for all courier costs for returning and changing bikes

Our expectations of our Members:

  • Talk about us positively
  • Give us a fair opportunity to put things right if we make a mistake, we’re only human like you
  • Don’t abuse the Membership
  • Look after the equipment
  • Talk about the bikes on social media
  • Spread the word about us far and wide
  • Never abuse or ridicule other Members
  • Ride the bikes!

Additional Information We’ll Need From You:

We shall need photo ID, proof of address and proof of income from you in order to become a Member

You’ll need to inform us of any changes in your circumstances, changes in job, or changes in your home address

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