Gemini Lights Gemini XERA LIGHT SET 950L (2-CELL)


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Gemini Lights Gemini XERA LIGHT SET 950L (2-CELL)

950 Lumen Headlight

With 950 lumens and weighing just 55g the tiny Gemini XERA LED Light is the ideal headlight for all your night time activities. It’s so small and lightweight you’ll forget its there but once you switch it on it packs enough punch to make you the master of your journey.

10 Brightness Levels

The Gemini XERA comes with 10 levels of programmable brightness giving you the flexibility to extend your run time or increase your visibility to suit the conditions and your needs.

3 Mounting Options

Bundled with head strap helmet and handlebar mounts using a tool-free O-ring mounting system the Gemini XERA is the perfect entry-level headlight for adventure seekers of all ages and sporting abilities.

2 Battery Choices

The Gemini XERA comes with either the 2-cell or 4-cell options giving you a minimum of 2 hours or 4 hours of respectable run time.*

*Measured at 100% brightness


Max lumens – 950 Lumens

Factory modes:
Steady – High (950L)
Steady – Med (700L)
Steady – Low (400L)
Flash (600L)
*Ten programmable brightness settings from 10-100%
LED Battery Indicator

Run times:

100%       950     2 hours
90%        855     2 hours 35 mins
80%        760     3 hours
70%        665     3 hours 50 mins
60%        570     4 hours 45 mins
50%        475     6 hours
40%        380     9 hours
30%        285    13 hours
20%        190    17 hours
10%        95     23 hours

What is included:

  • Light
  • Handlebar Mount
  • Helmet Mount
  • Battery Pack
  • Charger
  • Extension Cable
  • O-Rings

Headstrap not included!

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