Gemini Lights Gemini TITAN LIGHT HEAD ONLY


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Gemini Lights Gemini TITAN LIGHT HEAD ONLY

4000 Lumen Floodlight

Producing 4000 lumens from 160g the Gemini TITAN handlebar light system is the most powerful light Gemini have built to date. For those who dare to push the limits to the absolute extreme this weapon of a system is locked loaded and ready to rock and roll with enough power to light up a field.

10 Intense Levels of Brightness

You won’t want to turn it off but you might have to turn it down. The Gemini TITAN features 10 programmable light settings for those moments when a little more subtlety is required.

Wide Beam and Massive Throw

With 6 high performance LEDs spread across the structure of the light system the Gemini TITAN offers unrivalled beam width and throw. Are you looking for daylight visibility in the middle of the night? Look no further.


Factory modes:

Steady – High (4000L)
Steady – Med (1800L)
Steady – Low (600L)
Flash (600L)
*Ten programmable brightness settings from 10-100%
LED Battery Indicator 

What is included:

  • Light only

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