Dean Easy Tube + Low Pressure Pinch Flat Protection System



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Dean Easy Tube + Low Pressure Pinch Flat Protection System

This is clever system that appears to work better and more reliably than Schwalbe’s Pro Core System.

The only thing you’ll need to consider when buying this kit is that you’ll need to make your valve hole larger in your wheels using an appropriate drill bit (full installation instructions are included).

This will invalidate any warranty you have remaining with your wheel.  If your rim is over 12 months old then this is not likely to be an issue.

The system works using a very simple yet ingenious system of using an inner tube to push the tyre beed against the rim, and the inclusion of sealant for any tyre tears your experience.

Dean Easy guarantee no pinch flats if you use the system correctly.

Ideal if you want to run your tyres at 20psi or below on rocky and technical terrain.

The inner tube will also help protect your rims from impact damage as well.

Here’s what Dean Easy say about it:

The DeanEasy TUBE+ finally offers a solution against pinch flats and tyre burping. The inner tubular, inflated to 8/12bar (116/174psi) keeps the tyre properly seated and the whole system becomes very pinch-resistant.

With Tube+ you can ride with very low tyre pressure without risk of burping your tyres: exceptional grip with no loss in terms of rolling performance even in the most technical sections. A totally new riding experience, not to be missed.

Extraordinary rolling capability and impressive grip can be reached by independently tuning the tubular and the tyre pressures. In difficult conditions, TUBE+ makes the real difference: low pressure can be finally used on wet rocks, with grip never experienced before.

Thanks to the dual valve, the best wheel set-up can be chosen every time: the inner tubular can be swapped with a traditional tube or the wheels can be used tubeless.

Easy to use: it’s no different from using a classic rim and tube system. One valve is used to inflate the inner tubular (to 9/10atm, 132/147psi. The tubular is not glued to the rim), the other is used for the tubeless tyre (to a pressure that depends on the tyre and on the rider weight). Compared to the traditional system, lower pressure (by 0.5/1bar, 7/14psi) can be used without any issue and with improved safety.

With DeanEasy the tubular works as the inner chamber while the second (outer) chamber, between the tubular and the tyre (tubeless), can be inflated to very low pressures. Besides this, the tubular protects the rim from impacts. A simple idea with a simple set-up. There is not need for dedicated or compatible rims.

There is an overall weight reduction because lighter tyres can be used. The dual valve has a weight of only 10g and the inner tubular is light as well, 110g. But there is no increased exposure to failures, due to the strengthening effect provided by the tubular. Moreover, thanks to lower pressures, the risk of tyre cuts is minimized. Nevertheless, some liquid sealant is added against air leaks in case of punctures and cuts.

If you Go Dean Easy Tube + Low Pressure Pinch Flat Protection System, with this item you could get ... (we’re only saying!)