De Feet Woolie Boolie 6″ Vintage 2018




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De Feet Woolie Boolie 6" Vintage 2018

This is a 6″ tall ribbed cuff version of our reknowned padded foot wool sock. Defeet started knitting the Woolie Boolie before wool was cool. The Woolie Boolie helped reignite a love for great wool by retaining all the positives of the natural fibre and none of the shortcomings. Itchy? No. Trusted companion on the most severe missions you go on? Yes. Defeet wool is grown dyed and treated entirely in the United States. Very few companies can make this claim. They use wools that have to be shipped all over the world to be treated dramatically increasing their carbon “footprint”. We are thrilled to bring you this very special fibre. If a pair of socks has ever gotten close to having a true cult following it’s the Woolie Boolie.

Composition: 49% Nylon 48% USA Merino Wool 3% Lycra

If you Go De Feet Woolie Boolie 6" Vintage 2018, with this item you could get ... (we’re only saying!)