Bike Packing & Wild Camping Trip For Improving Mental Health



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Bike Packing & Wild Camping Trip For Improving Mental Health

What’s It All About?

Almost all of us are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature; and yet this is the very thing that every aspect of our being has evolved to function within.

This disconnect can lead to all sorts of problems, not least mental health deterioration.  We aim to thwart that!

Back in the day, we used to sit around the campfire and tell each other stories about our adventures and our life experiences; nowadays we sit and watch things happening to other people on electronic equipment.

Maybe it’s time to make our own stories again and share them?  It’s time to really live our lives.

To that end, we can tailor a bikepacking trip to your own specific requirements depending upon what you want to achieve from it.  We can also, of course, tailor the route to suit the level of rider experience in the group.

Our Offering:

As a minimum we’ll guide a group of you around some areas of outstanding natural beauty.  Almost certainly you’ll see wildlife in its natural habitat whilst you enjoy the adventure of riding around the countryside, on your way to a secluded, peaceful, campsite.

There, we’ll pitch up camp, cook dinner and enjoy some quality food and drinks around a campfire.  You’ll be able to sleep in your choice of hammock, bivvy bag or tent.  Nothing beats the quality of sleep you get in fresh air, in the wild.  Even a few hours of sleep feels more refreshing than anywhere else you’ve slept before.

It is incredibly therapeutic, and a huge boost to a person’s self-esteem, to feel reconnected with nature and gain knowledge about how to thrive within it.  We help make that a reality.

Morning will bring a hearty breakfast washed down with coffee or tea.  Then the adventure continues to its conclusion with lunch on the way if wanted.

Kit Hire:

We can provide everything that you need, simply choose what support you would like from us.

The sleeping system includes everything that you need to keep you warm and protect you from the elements: sleeping bag and sleeping mat, tarp or tent depending upon location and conditions, and mosquito net if needed.

The bikepacking bags option includes various bags to spread the load across your bike and to be able to carry spare clothing, snacks etc: typically bags include seatbag, frame bag and handlebar bag.

If you need a bike that’s suitable for some off-road exploring terrain, then we can supply that as well.

If you have any questions, please call us on 0800 678 5975 and ask for CRAnKN Up.

Min Party Size = 3

Max Party Size = 9

Why We’re Doing It:

We already all know that we should look after our bodies.  Many of us completely forget that we also need to look after our minds.  Body and mind health are not mutually exclusive: you need both to work properly to achieve either one.

Mental health issues can either creep up on you or, bam!……come out of the blue.

Personal experience has shown this to be an absolute truth in life.  It is only through the benefit of 20:20 hindsight that we’ve realised that early intervention could have helped enormously, or even prevented it occuring at all.

Also, being right up to your eyeballs in the challenges of a mental health illness can make it feel like a huge weight is holding you back from taking steps to resolve it.

However, very often, simply being out in nature can feel like that weight evaporates away significantly, giving you the mental space to think differently, challenge those destructive thoughts in your head and reframe.

We firmly believe that bikepacking provides a way to ease the pressure cooker effect of modern life, helping to prevent mental health issues, as well as providing a perfect environment to help those suffering with a mental health issue to reframe and begin the journey towards recovery.

The boost to self esteem and the sense of achievement is phenomenally powerful.  Having new stories and experiences to share can reanimate one’s life.  We’d love for you to experience what we’ve experienced, and we’d gain huge pleasure from helping to make it happen for you.

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