Shall we buy LESS stuff for a change? Let’s find a better way to resource our hobbies in a way that’s better for our planet.
Too much of the kit we buy for our hobby sits unused whilst we get on with other aspects of our lives.
That’s an awful lot of resources, energy and, of course, money, tied up unused.
It could be argued that it’s wasteful when we could all buy less and perhaps share or hire out our kit with like-minded people.
That’s what this is:
Non- Members:- Rent kit out as and when you need it at our standard rates.

Standard Members:- £40 per month if you don’t contribute kit but you can hire what you want with 50% discounts off standard hire rates.

Full Members:- £20/month if you contribute kit. You can buy/contribute kit with 35% discounts to use yourself so long as you also make it available to other members. You get to hire any of the kit in the “pool” of kit available from Members for free. You also get incentives from cashback payments from a proportion of profits being paid back to Full Members.

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